Meet three new members of the family

Time is moving fast at SkabelonDesign and recently we have welcomed three new members to our team. Sara Fredsted Heick, Camille Henningsen and Emmett McKenna. Have a look at this presentation to get a better idea of who they are.


Sara Fredsted Heick is the newest addition to our Project Manager team.

Sara loves spending time with her son and husband – no matter if it involves gardening, mushroom hunting in the woods or travelling the world. Sara is adopted from Korea, and one day she wishes to visit the country with her little family.

In the kitchen Sara cooks everything from dumplings to Danish meatballs and enjoys watching nerdy food shows on TV. Two of her favorites are ‘The mind of a chef’ and ‘Parts Unknown’ starring the bestselling author, Anthony Bourdain.

Sara is already in love with her work at SkabelonDesign and her colleagues’ willingness to help, whenever it’s needed. She loves experiencing the huge difference our products make for our clients every day.

Reach out to Sara here.



Give a warm welcome to the newest upgrade to our design efforts, Camille Henningsen, whom has great experience with graphic designs. 

Camille’s favorite thing is her Opel Corsa and the freedom it gives her, but she also loves going for a long walk. Also, she likes to challenge herself with new recipes, when cooking or baking for family and friends. 

Camille is very fond of culture and likes visiting art exhibitions and theatres, especially watching the ballet. Also, she enjoys reading books about psychology and human behavior. She is studying at an NLP Practioner education to gain insights about personal growth and how to achieve, what she wishes for in life. 

Professionally as a graphic designer, she loves creating bold and functional designs. And according to herself, she is a bit of a typography-nerd! 

Reach out to Camille here. 



At SkabelonDesign we have clients and colleagues all over the world. Latest addition is Technical Project Lead, Emmett McKenna, working from Ireland. We asked Emmett to answer a few questions, so that you can get to know our man in green. Enjoy! 

What are your interests?
I play the guitar and banjo, neither very well but I find nothing as cathartic as plugging in the guitar, turning it all the way up and playing loud and fast! Aside from that, computer gaming is where my time is spent, strategy games first and foremost. 

What is your impression of SkabelonDesign?
I previously worked for a client of SkabelonDesign and took a lead role in implementing their solutions. I was always impressed with their knowledge, their attitude as well as their solutions. When I came to a decision that it was time for a career change, SkabelonDesign was top of my list of places to move to! 

What do you like about your job?
I love trying to figure things out. My job is all about looking at problems that our clients have or that we have internally and trying to find technical solutions to those problems. I love it!  

Do you love cats? Or maybe Bruce Willis? 

I once shamefully had a song I wrote produced by the same producer responsible for Peter Andre’s Flava. Do not hold that against me! 

Reach out to Emmett here.