SD Experts: Always on the hunt for improvement


Evolution has ensured that phenomena always adapt to being better. The blue whale’s nostrils were at first placed in the face center like human nostrils. As the centuries have gone by, the whale nostrils have moved further and further up towards the top. Just because it makes more sense, when being under water.

There are many reasons that we should be evolutionary. In other words, we should improve continuously.  

In the software development branch of SkabelonDesign we always try to improve. It iingrained in our culture that we should reflect on how to do our tasks differently or better. We always try to improve our processesboth in planning and execution of specific tasks.  

My name is Sebastian Dybdahl Ehlers, Technology Innovation Manager at SkabelonDesign, and I have done my very best to take note of what it is, we do in terms of continuous improvement.

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