Tools for any challenge

SpecificTools are solutions for you, who have a specific challenge with the Office suite. The solutions are purchased individually as Software as a Service (SaaS), and you decide if you only need a single solution or want more. The solutions are not interdependent, and can be combined to meet your needs. The solutions are different in scope. Both in terms of the challenge they solve and the group of users, they target. All SpecificTools have been developed by us and fulfil specific needs which our customers experience in the Office suite. If you are in doubt as to which solutions suit your needs, feel free to contact us for an in-depth chat about your challenges.


Create accessible PDF files

For Word

Get ready for the new EU directive and create accessible PDF files directly in Word. Our solution guides you through your Word document and lets you control everything from headlines, image tags, table readings and much more. With AccessibilityChecker, you can easily and quickly create accessible PDF files. An otherwise cumbersome and slow process becomes a natural part of the workflow and allows everyone to have control over the documents from start to finish. The solution works directly in Word and in your templates.

Read more about AccessibilityChecker here.

Dynamic Agenda in PowerPoint in seconds

For PowerPoint

BrandedAgenda is a dynamic tool which automatically downloads agenda items from your headlines. The layout is adapted to your corporate design, and you will soon save time preparing the agenda. If you often use agendas in your presentations, BrandedAgenda is a solution for you. With one click, add an agenda slide to your presentation, just as additional agenda items are also added with a single click.

Read more about BrandedAgenda here.



Make your brand the default setting in the Office Suite

For Word, PowerPoint and Excel

You can never completely avoid your colleagues working in the Office suite without using a template, but with BrandedStartup, you can safeguard the brand – even when working without a template. BrandedStartup ensures that documents, presentations and spreadsheets in Word, PowerPoint and Excel always opens with the right colours, fonts and margins. That way, you give employees the best point of departure for working within the framework of the brand.

Lock content, so that users cannot change it

For PowerPoint

Do you have content in your presentations which users are not meant to edit? With ContentLock, you are given the option of locking contents in company presentations. You choose what content you want to lock. Everything from text boxes, shapes, images, entire slides or entire presentations can be locked, so that users cannot edit the content. You can choose to lock the contents completely, or give users access to unlocking it with a password. With ContentLock, as an administrator you are allowed much better control over the content of the company’s standard presentations.



Align items on slides

For PowerPoint

CorporateGrids is for people who work with design in PowerPoint a lot. The solution allows you to work with grids within the framework of the company’s own design. With CorporateGrids, you can define a work area which is adapted to the guidelines in the presentation you are working on. A grid defines the placement of elements on your slide, relative to the slide’s edges and alignment between the elements. It is possible to have multiple grids, so that you can work with different guidelines, depending on the presentation and slide.

Link Excel data with PowerPoint and keep updated presentations

For PowerPoint

DataImporter for PowerPoint allows you to import Excel data to PowerPoint, and always keep updated presentations. It is possible to import both numbers, single words, whole sentences, graphs and tables. Updating can be done by a single click, or it can happen automatically. Among other things, DataImporter for PowerPoint can ensure that the information in offers, reports, and sales presentations are always updated, without the user having to spend time updating them manually.

DataImporter til PowerPoint


A guide to complex Word documents

For Word

When employees have to fill in standard documents over and over again, it can be both time consuming and result in lacking documents. With DocumentWorkflow, that process can be made simple and effective. DocumentWorkflow works as a questionnaire in Word, where by answering a number of questions, the employee can complete a document. The solution allows the user to work with different kinds of information: inserting free text, showing/hiding text, picking from a list of standard phrases, inserting the date and inserting text to be repeated throughout the document. The workflow is defined and configured by an administrator, and you can set up workflows for as many documents as you want.

Send documents and attachments directly from Word

For Word

MailAttach makes it possible to send a Word document with attachments directly from Word. Your Word document and the attachments which you select will all be attached as individual files – exactly the same way as if you sent the message from your mail system. With MailAttach, you can also pick from predefined “Mail templates” that define who should receive the mail, what the subject header should be, and what should be in the mail text itself. MailAttach makes you productive and can save you a lot of time if you often send the same type of email, e.g. quote, again and again.



Copy simple graphics in excellent quality

For Word, PowerPoint and Excel

PasteGraphic for Word, PowerPoint and Excel makes it easy to copy items across the Office suite’s programs. PasteGraphic ensures that the copied elements can be scaled without deteriorating image quality. All items are copied as vector files to ensure that content can also be scaled after pasting. When content is copied, it is always accompanied by a source reference, which is in the alt text. This is useful if you have later changes, and need to update the copied graphics.

Merge PDF files effortlessly

For Word

With PDFCollector for Word, you can easily and quickly put together a PDF file from other PDF files. You can combine several documents into one PDF, and you can even merge both Word documents and existing PDF files into a PDF. PDFCollector solves a specific challenge that most people can relate to. With PDFCollector, you do not have to look for a colleague with access to Adobe Pro who can help you. PDFCollector is activated directly from Word, and you easily assemble your PDF by choosing which PDF files and Word documents must be in your final document.



Insert charts in Word and PowerPoint

For Excel

ResizeExport helps you use your graphs from Excel in Word and PowerPoint. With ResizeExport, you can easily export graphs from Excel and adapt them to your content in Word and PowerPoint. For example, it is possible to customise a graph to a placeholder, so that you avoid the hassle of manually customising the content of your documents and presentations.

Link your Excel tables to Word

For Excel

ReportingTools is our solution for those who prepare large and data-heavy reports. With ReportingTools, your data will remain in Excel and, when using our solution, you can simply and easily paste Excel tables into Word, and make sure that the tables in your reports in Word appear with the right data and the right design. By having tables pasted from Excel automatically adapt to the design for tables in Word, you save a lot of time. You see, you will no longer have to format tables – ReportingTools takes care of that.



Manage spell checking for all users

For Word

Would you like to help Word users avoid errors? With TextAutocorrect, you can set up rules for auto correction of the words you choose. For example, there may be words that you always want written in the same way, you may repeatedly see important words misspelled, or you might want to prevent the use of specific abbreviations. As an administrator, you will have the opportunity to define the spellings you want to change, and what you want to change them to. For example, this could be useful if your company name must always be in capital letters, but users often forget this. As opposed to Word’s own spell checker, TextAutocorrect works for all users, so that users will not have to establish rules for auto-correction themselves.