LegalPack Efficiency tools for law firms
  • Software made for the needs of law firms
  • Get access to valuable and time saving features directly in Word
  • Integrate to your Document Management System and insert data in your documents with a single click
  • Manage references, styles, copied text, and work efficiently with bullets and much more in a simple and fast manner
  • In alignment with best practice as defined by UK Document Excellence Group
Did you know?

LegalPack is a collection of tools in a single ribbon in Word making it easy for lawyers to be effective.

Build to support lawyers workflows

With the LegalPack you will have a collection of our most used features by several law firms in a single place. LegalPack is a ribbon in Word that includes functionality made specifically to support a lawyer’s workflow.

With the LegalPack in Word you can easily insert data from your DM system, use shortcuts to manage style sets, manage appendices and references easily, paste unformatted text, create advanced bullets and numbering in seconds, create PDFs and manage pictures.

And did we say that it can all be done from a single ribbon i Word? Not only are the features built to support and optimize your workflow, but you will also find them in one single ribbon in Word, so you don’t have to look for them each time.


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