CleanUp & Brand

Adapt Microsoft Office to your visual identity

  • Customises or removes graphic options, which do not support your company’s visual identity.
  • Works across Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel.
  • Makes sure that your company’s colours are used automatically in Excel or as a fill colour in PowerPoint.

Did you know?

CleanUp & Brand can help company employees always make natural and intuitively correct choices when working with Microsoft Office.

Guarantees correct use of your visual identity

Microsoft Office features many options for users to make their mark on the layout of Office documents – for example, by changing fonts and styles, headings, letterheads, page headers and page footers.

Complete violation of the framework for your company’s visual communication, which is determined by your company’s fundamental visual identity, can easily occur when users inadvertently or deliberately change the design of a Word document, for example.

CleanUp & Brand can remove a large number of unwanted features and options offered, which the more recent versions of Microsoft Office are ‘born’ with. This applies to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

By adjusting the likes of fonts, colours, design themes, cover pages, placing of headers and footers for the company’s own graphic identity, it can help your staff to make natural, intuitively correct choices all the time, when working with Microsoft Office. This means your company can safeguard its branding throughout Microsoft Office.

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